Is your organization achieving its top-line growth and profitability goals? Are you winning and keeping customers? What about operating to excellence? Have you created a culture that attracts, keeps, and engages talented team players? Regardless of your business size or type, your business is run by people. And let’s face it, most of your business problems revolve around your people and their ability to manage and lead, engage employees, work as a team, and win and keep customers. The leadership and management effectiveness of the people running your business is vital for success. The good news is you are not alone. In the last decade we have produced profitable results for our clients in diverse industries by focusing on the people side of the business. Here are just a few examples of our interventions:

Oil and Gas:

  • Leadership and technical skills training reduced subsea downtime by more than 20,000 hours for a global off-shore drilling company, increasing revenue by over $300 million.
  • Delivered subsea culture seminars focused on leadership skills development which improved employee engagement scores.


  • Leadership development initiative increased comparable store sales from 8% to 16%, added over $14 million in profit, and reduced manager turnover by 50%.

Franchise Operations:

  • Nationwide initiative to train managers and franchisees on new store equipment and customer engagement tactics resulted in improved customer experiences and a measurable increase in sales per transaction.


  • Implemented leadership development initiative for managers and subordinates which improved departmental communication, and increased operational efficiencies and project implementation in the field.

Looking for a business partner who will effectively resolve your people problems and partner with you to ensure success? Contact Simple Leadership Strategies. We will work with you risk free to determine if our solutions are a good fit for you. Our goal is to form a long-term partnership with you to produce sustainable results and help you achieve your highest goals and objectives.

Call us today! Let’s collaborate and work together to transform your organization and achieve sustainable results.

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