While management training is essential, what sets the world’s best companies apart is their commitment to developing leaders at every level. It’s perfectly possible to be a good manager, yet a poor leader. Over the last decade Simple Leadership Strategies has surveyed over 3,000 professionals globally in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our surveys have consistently revealed that less than one out of three supervisors excel at management and leadership, according to their direct reports. We must transform managers in order to develop leaders. It is only when we blend the management process skills of PLORDICO with Transformational Leadership that we can create Transformational Leader-Managers™.

Simple Leadership Strategies specializes in blending these two skill sets to help organizations create Transformational Leader-Managers™ at every level. We use simple leadership strategies to help managers become the kind of person others willingly follow; the kind of person who not only gets exceptional results, but changes lives, making families, communities, organizations, and the world better.

The strategies we use involve Positive Psychology, Character, Competence, Vision, and Emotional Intelligence. These strategies allow managers to earn trust, build confidence, and inspire action. Our successful strategies also include:

  • Pre and post competency assessments.
  • Measurable performance plans to improve business outcomes.
  • Vigorous skills follow-up to re-enforce behavior application on the job.
  • Commitment and active involvement from each participant’s immediate supervisor.

Call us today! Let’s collaborate and work together to create Transformational Leader-Managers™ at every level of your organization!

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