Too often employees are promoted from their job as a doer to a manager because they were very successful doing their job. But frequently these promotions come without measurement of natural management or leadership talents or adequate training for such.  Sadly, this can unintentionally lead to poor moral in the teams led by these individuals. We provide a solution to that problem.


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The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be a successful doer, are very different from the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to effectively and efficiently manage resources.  Especially the human resources.  Don't make the mistake of overlooking this simple fact and its importance to the health of your company.  How do you know if the leaders in your company need management training?  We have a solution for that as well.


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A few more things to consider:

  • Poor managers are the number one reason your best people leave or are disengaged, costing the economy up to $350 billion dollars according to Gallup.
  • To increase sales, you must win and keep more customers.  To do that, you must ensure the engagement of your employees.  To do that, you must build and maintain a team culture, and to do that, you must take the first step to train every supervisor to be a great manager.


Simple Leadership Strategies will work closely with your organization to carefully customize a measureable learning and performance solution to build the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable managers and supervisors to effectively and efficiently utilize resources and excel in the management process. We assess employees to measure their existing management competencies, measure on-going progress, and ensure this progress results in improved key business outcomes.


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