The Four Types of Change


Life is all about growth. As Wallace Waddles wrote in The Science of Getting Rich, "you can serve man and God in no better way than becoming all you are capable of becoming." "Becoming" is about growth and change.

Do we have a simple leadership strategy to help us change and therefore "become" all we are capable of becoming?

All changes fall into four categories: Stop, Start, Adjust, and Frequency. Address one, and you will see measurable change. Address two, and you'll see dramatic change. Address all four, and smoke the competition.


We are all creatures of habits and many of our habits are not good ones! Few things can help us to change for the better than to stop doing things that take us in the opposite direction. If we want to lose 30 lbs., we may want to STOP drinking sodas.


If we want to change, grow, or improve, we need to admit we are probably not doing all the things we could. We simply need to analyze our options, pick ONE good new habit and START taking the new action until it becomes a habit. To lose 30lbs., we may want to start an easy-to-follow exercise program we know we can stick with.


Big things happen when we do the little things right. Some of our habits are good ones, and just a tweak could pay major dividends. Perhaps you are already going to the gym, but the ADJUSTMENTS a personal trainer can bring to your program will result in much more rapid success.


Many of us who have had gym memberships over the years can relate to the problem of not going to the gym frequently enough. We go...just not as regularly as we should. Even 15 minutes a day every day in the gym for a month will bring more success than 4 two-hour days in that same month's time.

This strategy will give your change program support, like the four legs on a table.

How to implement:

These are simple concepts. Write them down. Just one small change in each category. When we write down our strategies, they become tangent, which helps us visualize success, particularly if we read our strategies each morning and evening.

As an added benefit, you may notice that when others around you see your success, they will in turn be inspired to change themselves; since you have already lead by example, you will be viewed as a competent advisor who can help them achieve their goals as well.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


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